IEK Ukraine

IEK Ukraine Distributing Office (IEK Ukraine DO) was started in 2002 as a subsidiary to the IEK group, the latter being the leading producer of low voltage equipment in Russia and its neighbor countries. The key goal to the subsidiary is providing high-quality service for its partners and promoting IEK TM goods in Ukraine.

IEK Ukraine has been constantly monitoring the Ukraine market in order to find new solutions for the development of the company’s range of goods. The delivery system, customer service level, quality control and improvement mechanisms have experienced non-stop development, together with active promotion of IEK TM goods.
In 2004, to achieve these goals, separate departments were organized in 2004 for logistics, advertising and marketing, plus technical support service and quality control and testing laboratory.  At the same time, a “IEK Ukraine Dealing Policy” was written, whose basic principles are as follows:

  • developing the network of partner companies and creating best conditions for IEK partners and dealer companies;
  • maintaining reliable and mutually profitable relations with business partners, such as advertising, varied credit delivery and discounts;
  • informational and methodological assistance for partners to support long-term cooperation.

IEK Ukraine DO operates to provide Ukraine population with quality and available electrical engineering goods; it’s is receptive to mutually beneficial cooperation with other participants of electrical engineering market.

Office: IEK Ukraine DO
Address: ul. Kievskaya , 6 V, Vishnyovoe, 08132, UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (044) 536-99-00