Article: UZM-XLS10-VN1-800S
Cable terminals of indoor installation of the brand CWtp-10 and outdoor installation of the brand KNtp-10 is meant for connection of consumers to the mains using 3-core power Cables with paper insulation with armor and without armor for voltages up to 10kV alternating current, 50Hz. Cable terminals are meant for mounting on cables, type AAG-10, AAShv-10, AABl-10, AAPl-10, ASG-10, ASBlShv-10, SG-10, SShv-10, SBShv-10, SB-10, SBG-10 their analogues and modifications.
  • Quick and easy installation of heat-shrinkable coupling components using a gas burner or high-temperature hair dryer. Absolute tightness of the coupling design due to: - application of high-quality two-layer heat-shrinkable materials; - hot-melt adhesive layer on the inner surface of heat-shrinkable tubes and gloves. The set consists of multi-size mechanical sleeves (connectors) with shear bolts and the contact paste.


Number of conductors 1
Nominal voltage 10 kV
Мин температура полной усадки 150 °C
Диапазон рабочих температур -40…+110 °C

Operational parameters

Warranty period, years: 6

Logistic parameters

Individual Group Transport
Quantity 1 - 3
Units компл - компл
Barcode 4606056503739 - 4606056503746
Gross weight, kg 3.057 - 9.17
l, cm - - 100
b, cm - - 15
h, cm - - 20
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