08.02 Fluorescent lamps

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Nylon Cable clamps are designed for bundling and installation of Cables and conductors. Cable clamps are one of the most convenient, fast and economically sound fastening and banding methods when performing electrical works. Made from high quality raw materials with special complex additives. The new formula material clamps ensures the preservation of strength and elasticity during installation, operation, transportation and storage. This material preserves high strength and flexibility when having sufficient rigidity at wide range of temperatures, high resistance to organic solvents, combustive and lubricating materials and alkalies, high electrical insulation properties and does not support combustion.
Heat-shrinkable materials
The heat-shrink tubes from thin polyethylene are halogen-free and have fire suppression property. The products have good electrical and mechanical properties and are used as insulating and sealing materials. Being heated after putting in stretched state on various items, they shrink and fit close to an item, assuming its shape. The heat-shrink tubes have the following color options: white, yellow, green/yellow, green, red, blue and black.
Insulating tape
Electrical tapes are applied when performing industrial, constructional and domestic works for electrical insulation. IEK brand electrical tape is made on the basis of PVC. It is used as an insulation material. Electrical tape ensures air-tightness, protection from attack of moisture, salt, poor solvents etc. The range includes electrical tape of seven different colors: white, red, blue, yellow, green, black and yellow-green.
Products for marking
The Cable markers of MK series are made from flexible, non-combustible PVC and have a hole for conductor. The Cable markers of MK series should be put on a conductor prior to its termination or connection.