Article: UNP31-070-11-12
Designed for termination of multicore copper wires and Cable conductors using compression and soldering methods. Material: electrical grade tinned copper.
  • Reliability of the contact connection by pressing the lug with a special tool. Provide the ability to connect aluminum conductors to copper tires, wires and cables in order to eliminate the galvanic effect obtained by direct coupling of copper and aluminum during installation and connection of power loads.


Diameter mounting hole 12.5 mm
Диаметр отверстия под проводник 11.5 mm
Nominal voltage 10000 V
Total length 34.0 mm
Ambient temperature - 40...+ 80 °C

Operational parameters

Warranty period, years: 3

Logistic parameters

Individual Group Transport
Quantity - 40 480
Units - шт шт
Barcode - 4606056120486 4606056120493
Gross weight, kg - - 27
l, cm - - 35
b, cm - - 30
h, cm - - 32.5
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