01.01.02 KARAT Modular circuit breakers

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Number of poles
Primary current (A)
Номинальное рабочее напряжение (V)
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity EN 60898 (kA)
Max. cross section incoming cable (mm²)
Nominal voltage DC (V)
Rated surge voltage invariability (kV)
Мех износостойкость (циклов)
Электр износостойкость (циклов)
Вес одного полюса (kg)
Number of poles (total)
Built-in depth (mm)
Number of protected poles
KARAT modular circuit breakers are represented by the VA47-29, VA47-60M, VA47-100, VA47-150 series with a breaking capacity from 4.5kA to 15kA. Designed to protect distribution and group circuits with different loads: – electrical appliances, lighting – switches with characteristic B, – motors with low starting currents (compressor, fan) – circuit breakers with characteristic C, – motors with high starting currents (hoists, pumps) – circuit breakers with characteristic D. Modular circuit breakers VA47-29, VA47-60M are recommended for use in input-distribution devices for residential and public buildings. Modular circuit breakers VA47-100, VA47-150 are recommended for use in input distribution devices of household and industrial electrical installations.