07.01.01 Contactors KMI

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KMI AC contactors of general industrial purpose are designed for load currents from 9 to 95A (AC-3). Intended for actuating, shutting down and reversing of asynchronous motors equipped with a short-circuited rotor for the applied voltage limited to 660V, remote control of lighting (AC-5a, AC-5b), heating circuits and various low-inductance loads (AC-1), switching three-phase capacitor batteries (AC-6b) and primary windings of three-phase low-voltage transformers (AC-6a). All unit types per load currents limited to 40A have a single group of auxiliary NO or NC contacts. Types per load currents exceeding 40A have two contact groups (NO and NC). KMI AC contactors 9-95A application includes fan, pump, thermal curtain, furnace, overhead-track hoist, unit, lighting and automated load transfer systems control.