IEK Launched!

The history of IEK GROUP began in 1999. On June 6, the company traditionally celebrates the date of the first sale of products; this day is considered to be the company"s birthday.

Initially, the main activity of the company was wholesale supplies of low-voltage electrical products. But within a short time, the company built its own production in the Tula region, and also organized the production of low-voltage equipment under its own brand. Then the company entered the market with a completely new ideology, not typical for traditional domestic production. Its decisive advantage was current business strategies, modern technologies, a European approach to organizing production and quality control, young and ambitious management, and a clear understanding of its goals and objectives.

All this, in a fairly short period of time, made the company one of the most progressive and brightest on the Russian LV market. Business analysts noted the company as one of the fastest growing industries: its capacity increased by an average of 100 percent per year*.

Today the IEK GROUP is a leading Russian manufacturer of electrical equipment for construction, housing and communal services, industrial enterprises. We continue to outpace the growth rate of the Russian electrical market due to quality of our production, wide product range warranty and technical support. The choice of IEK® brand products is largely determined by the continuous emergence of new products and solutions, consistently high quality, reasonable price and availability of products in every location.

*Data from the IEK GROUP analytical department.

Developing the distributor network

2002 was in many ways fundamental year for the development and growth of the IEK GROUP. It reached a new level of development and became one of the most important players in the Russian electrical market.

In 2002 IEK GROUP entered the Ukrainian market, developed its own distribution policy and formed the IEK Distributor Club.

Cable Duct System Production

In mid-2004, the second production complex began operating in Yasnogorsk - a multi-industry enterprise for the production of PVC cable duct systems. The plant quickly took a leading position in the sector of cable duct systems; it became one of the first Russian production facilities to use the extrusion method (a method of manufacturing long-length profiled products from plastics).

Now we produce about thirty form factors of cable ducts under the IEK® brand, accessories, rigid and corrugated pipes. The main requirement is the quality and safety of our products, so we pay close attention to the quality of raw materials, and our process engineers check the quality of each batch to ensure compliance with all requirements. The products have a wide range of uses: they can be used in industry, as well as in household and even in children's institutions - due to their high environmental friendliness.

Expansion of the branch network

In 2005, the company continues to expand its presence in the electrical markets of the CIS countries and begins cooperation with the IEK Moldova enterprise, which represents a partner network in the republic.

The professional training of the company"s specialists allows them to successfully promote IEK products on the territory of Moldova, provide clients with technical consultation, and also conduct educational projects together with professional and higher educational institutions of the republic. IEK Moldova is constantly improving its customer service system and actively working with large design and trading organizations. IEK Moldova specialists annually organize training seminars for partners and consumers of IEK® products.

Launching IEK Mongolia

In May 2006, the IEK Mongolia began its work, which promotes the products of the IEK GROUP on the Mongolian market, traditionally focused on Russian-made products. IEK Mongolia has become the country's first wholesale supplier of high-quality electrical equipment of the Russian brand. An active information technology strategy has made the IEK brand a leading brand in the Mongolian LV market.

Launching new warehouse and third stage of production facilities

In 2007, one of the significant events for the company was the opening of a new warehouse complex of the IEK GROUP with an area of 12,000 m². The warehouse inventory management system guarantees the highest accuracy of shipment. Modern equipment, qualified personnel, and powerful software reduce the average loading time of one vehicle by three times. The potential of the latest management system is complemented by the professionalism and clear organization of work of the company"s employees.

In March 2008, the production capacity of the third production complex was launched in the Tula region - a multi-industry production site for the production of electrical products using plastic injection molding. Today, the product range consists of plastic housings, accessories for cable ducts, as well as unique MAGNUM industrial plugs and sockets. Every year more and more new lines are introduced here, production volumes increase, and the production of new types of products is mastered. From the very beginning of work to this day, a distinctive feature of production is the high quality of products that meet international standards. The new plant demonstrated another example of truly successful, ahead-of-time production, organized from scratch.

10 years! New level of business development

The IEK GROUP is 10 years old!

In June 2009, the IEK GROUP celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the course of 10 years of impeccable work, the company adhered to a clear strategy, which allowed it to achieve high results - to become one of the largest players in the electrical engineering industry in Russia. Despite the global financial crisis, the IEK GROUP approached its first anniversary as a successful company, experiencing rapid growth, with high economic potential.

Developing under the sign of quality and efficiency, in 2009 the IEK GROUP focused its efforts on increasing production capacity, optimizing production efficiency, taking into account the search for internal reserves. The IEK GROUP's production strategy has ensured maximum use of existing resources, with particular emphasis on the development of factories in Russia.

Both the production and supply of high-quality products and the organization of high-quality services for its partners remained a priority for the company. As part of a long-term partnership strategy, in October 2009, the IEK GROUP opened a large distribution center in the Siberian region. The most modern innovative technologies in warehouse construction, compliance with the general technical equipment to class "A", convenient location, highly qualified personnel are capable of providing the highest level of service. The new distribution center has reduced delivery times for products, significantly reduced transportation costs, and provided partners of the IEK GROUP in the Siberian region and their clients with the widest possible range of TM IEK products, as well as high-quality service and technical support.

The IEK GROUP continued to expand its presence in the electrical equipment markets of Russia and the CIS. 2009 was marked by the introduction to the market of over 400 new assortment items. The sales partner network was actively developing in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Lithuania, and the development of new markets in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan began.

Development of production and promotion of the IEK brand

2010 of the IEK GROUP can be called the year of extensive development of production and promotion of the IEK® brand.

In April 2010, IEK GROUP organized a new production site in Novosibirsk. The plant opened on the basis of the Berd Electromechanical Plant (BEMZ). The total size of the production area was more than 2100 m². The first products of the new production were cable ducts and pipes for cable laying of the IEK® brand, then the production of IEK® metal hoses and accessories for them was launched. The new plant is designed to fully satisfy the needs for IEK® brand products from companies in the partner network of the Siberian, Far Eastern and Ural Federal Districts.

In the spring of 2010, all three Yasnogorsk plants of the IEK GROUP were reorganized into a single production complex. Now the association includes three sites that produce products under the IEK® brand: a metalworking complex, an extrusion complex and an injection molding complex. All products are well known to professionals; they have taken a strong place in the electrical markets of Russia and neighboring countries. Today, the production complex of the IEK GROUP provides work for every tenth able-bodied resident of the Yasnogorsk region and is one of the city-forming enterprises of the Tula region.

In the summer of 2010, the IEK GROUP raised the level of its service even higher. An agreement was signed between the IEK GROUP and the largest federal network of service centers for servicing computer and office equipment, R-Style Service, for the maintenance of voltage stabilizers of the IEK® brand. Thus, all IEK GROUP clients working with IEK® stabilizers have access to high-quality warranty and post-warranty service from the leading Russian service operator.

December 2010 showed that IEK GROUP cares not only about the quality of its products, but also about the quality of healthy recreation for its employees and partners. This month, the company established and for the first time presented the Electric Mini-Football Cup from the IEK GROUP! The first mini-football tournament for the IEK Electric Cup among regional partners of the IEK GROUP took place in Yekaterinburg. According to the organizers, this is so far the only football competition in Russia among distributors within the same company.

Strengthening IEK's partnerships and logistics network

2011 is rich in events and significant dates in the life of the company. It was held under the sign of strengthening partnerships and the logistics network of the IEK GROUP.

In June 2011, the IEK GROUP Partners Club turned 10 years old! The holiday was celebrated at the anniversary X Meeting of partners. The gathering brought together about 300 representatives of companies from all over Russia, CIS countries, near and far abroad.

The IEK GROUP celebrated a long-awaited housewarming: a new office and warehouse complex of the IEK GROUP was opened in Moscow region!

The logistics of the IEK GROUP has moved to a qualitatively new level. The new complex can be classified as class "A" according to European standards, which is the level of the world's leading warehouse terminals. The scale of the warehouse complex is impressive: an area of 20 thousand square meters. meters, capacity - 30 thousand pallet places in the storage area and at least 500 pallet places in the acceptance and shipment area. Everything here contributes to achieving the best work results: modern equipment, professional staff, labor organization, powerful software and hardware.

In 2011, the IEK® brand continued its promotion throughout Russia and abroad. In November, a distribution center was opened in Nakhodka, which became the next link in the logistics chain of IEK GROUP. In December, a warehouse complex began operating in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. At the same time, the complex also serves the partners of IEK GROUP in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Thus, the logistics system of the IEK GROUP has increased its length to 9 thousand kilometers. All logistics centers belong to class \"A\" according to European standards, which is the level of the world's leading warehouse terminals.

Several large, ambitious and large-scale projects have been implemented

During 2012 and 2013, the IEK GROUP developed its customer programs and also made several real breakthroughs in the Russian electrical market. It has opened a unique information resource for designers so far, and also presented several unique product innovations that have no analogues among domestic manufacturers.

In the summer of 2012, the IEK GROUP celebrated ten years of its presence in Ukraine. She celebrated the first anniversary of the IEK GROUP in Ukraine by gathering friends at a gathering. Representatives of 65 leading Ukrainian distribution companies gathered here: these were both the oldest members of the IEK GROUP partner club in Ukraine, and "newbies" who have been working with IEK® products relatively recently.

In October 2012, IEK GROUP launched an open information and technological resource for specialists in the field of electrical network design - the specialized IEK+ program. This project is unique for the Russian electrical market; it is a truly innovative resource that combines information and training functions, software tools for work, the possibility of technical support and online communication.

In 2013, the IEK GROUP implemented several ambitious and large-scale projects.

One of them is the introduction to the Russian market of a series of industrial plugs and sockets of our own production, MAGNUM, which has no analogues from other manufacturers! MAGNUM IEK® power connectors are manufactured in Russia, at the main production site located in the Tula region. The original MAGNUM design was developed by IEK GROUP engineers in accordance with the requirements of international standards and taking into account the wishes of consumers - professional electricians and installers. Unique design solutions combined with high-quality materials and a high level of production guarantee high operational reliability, maximum convenience and safety of MAGNUM installation.

Another large-scale project is the development and production of induction lamps for industrial use. The IEK GROUP was the first among domestic manufacturers of HVAC and lighting equipment to begin producing induction products in Russia. This is a truly innovative breakthrough in domestic lighting technology!

In April 2013, the IEK GROUP futsal team triumphantly completed its performance at the first ever Energy Cup and became the champion among corporate teams of the Russian electrical market. The IEK GC team won the final match with a score of 5:2 and topped the podium. The victory of the IEK GROUP football players was absolute: the team not only won the Energy Cup, it was recognized as the most productive team of the tournament, its players turned out to be the best scorer and the best goalkeeper of the tournament, and also scored the most beautiful goal of the 2013 Energy Cup!

The IEK GROUP is 15 years old!

The IEK GROUP is 15 years old!

Over the years, the company has firmly taken a leading position, being not only an example to follow, but also a driving force for the development of the entire industry. The time has come to expand our areas of activity, develop new technologies and work on quality in a broad sense - the quality of business, partnerships, production processes and even professional education.

At the end of 2014, a big event occurred that proved the truly popular recognition of the IEK GROUP: IEK® products became the laureate of the people's trust rating Brand No. 1 in Russia in the Electrical Engineering category. This is confirmation of successful import substitution and great consumer confidence, as well as another victory for the IEK GROUP as a Russian manufacturer.

The basis of a truly modern and competitive business is compliance with all legal and ethical standards, honesty and transparency of business relations. In March 2014, IEK GROUP joined the "Charter on the principles of work in the electrical engineering market", which declares the strengthening of honest relations in business and the fight against corruption. Under the provisions of the Charter there are 22 signatures of top officials of distribution companies and manufacturers, among them IEK GROUP and other key players in the Russian electrical market.

One of the main components of fair competition is strict adherence to the legal and commercial purity of products. Over the past two years, IEK GROUP has been working to streamline its patent activities. The result of the patent work was the opening in March 2014 of a specialized patent page on the official website of the IEK GROUP. Now everyone can familiarize themselves with all patents received for IEK® products.

A striking example of the IEK GROUP"s concern for the level of training of young professionals was the company"s participation in the international championship of professional skills WorldSkills Russia 2014. In April 2014, the IEK GROUP became the first Russian enterprise to support young electricians. Thanks to the direct participation of IEK GROUP, a competition in the "Electrical installation work" competency was included for the first time in the Russian regional qualifying championship WorldSkills Russia. All equipment used by the competitors was provided by the IEK GROUP: metal and plastic boxes, contactors, circuit breakers, cable management systems, lighting equipment and electrical installation products.

At the very beginning of the year, the IEK GROUP decided to develop new market segments and announced the start of a completely new direction for itself: it began producing electric motors. The performance and quality of the new IEK® electric motors meet customer expectations and requirements. According to the results of consumer surveys, IEK GROUP specialists have prepared products that best satisfy market demands.

IEK GROUP has opened the next chapter of its business: it has entered the IT equipment market. Since domestic manufacturers are still very little represented here, the IEK GROUP has undertaken to change the situation. Products for IT technologies and the communications industry are manufactured under the ITK® brand on the basis of the strategic production site of the IEK GROUP in the Tula region. ITK® products provide technical solutions of any complexity and are fully compatible with equipment from other brands. It undergoes thorough quality control and meets international and Russian standards.

Having passed the fifteen-year mark, the company continued to strengthen its position in the Russian and foreign markets

Having passed the fifteen-year mark, the company continued to strengthen its position in the Russian and foreign markets. It consistently developed its production, actively participated in updating the infrastructure of the largest Russian cities, and presented Russian products at European specialized forums and exhibitions. We also successfully proved the most important role of modern Russian business in dialogue with the authorities, in the development of industry awareness and education.

In January 2015, IEK GROUP became a finalist in the all-Russian competition "HR-Brand Award 2014" - the country"s most prestigious award in the field of human resource management. Participants in the competition are companies that have implemented the most interesting projects in the field of personnel management, which have had a positive impact not only on the moral climate in the team, but on other areas of the company"s activities.

As part of the update and modernization of the IEK® line of modular equipment, the company received a patent for an invention - the first document for fundamentally new solutions found by the designers and engineers of the IEK GROUP. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation has already issued about forty industrial design and utility model certificates to the IEK GROUP. And now March brought the company its first patent for an invention - No. 2541517.

In March, IEK GROUP continued to enter European markets. We presented our products and projects with great success at one of the most representative industry forums in South-Eastern Europe - South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2015 in Romania.

Solutions based on IEK products have helped implement several large construction projects in the capital. At the beginning of April, the main Children's World of the whole country returned to the map of Moscow - now it is the "Central Children's Store on Lubyanka". IEK GROUP also contributed to this event: all electrical and communication cables of the huge complex (more than 73 thousand square meters) are carried on IEK® trays.

IEK GROUP took an active part in the implementation of the capital's program for the reconstruction and construction of underground pedestrian crossings. Based on IEK® products, several hundred low-voltage complete devices and control cabinets have been assembled, which ensure the operation of updated electrical systems of city and subway crossings.

IEK GROUP believes that in the context of globalization of production and the market, it is necessary to adhere to international education standards. In April, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting of the Expert Methodological Council on the development of standards for secondary vocational education (SVE) programs in accordance with the Worldskills Russia regulations. Representatives of the IEK GROUP were included in the council as organizers of the working group for the development of the educational program \"Electrical installation work\". In November, the junior team of the IEK GROUP became winners at the Championship of cross-cutting working professions using the WorldSkills Hi-tech 2015 methodology in Yekaterinburg. It turned out to be stronger than the corporate teams of such major holdings as Rosseti, Rosatom, Rostech, RSC Energia.

2016 brought the company two major recognitions from the world's largest energy corporations - Gazprom and Rosseti

2016 brought the company two major recognitions from the world's largest energy corporations - Gazprom and Rosseti. In February, all types of IEK® metal and ladder trays were successfully certified in the GAZPROMSERT Voluntary Certification System and recommended for use in all divisions of the transnational corporation Gazprom. To ensure the quality of IEK® products, GAZPROMSERT experts visited the company"s production facility in the Tula region, where they assessed the high level of production capacity and testing facilities.

In April, the largest energy network operator in Russia and the world, Rosseti PJSC, successfully completed the certification of IEK trademark ASIP - SIP fittings and recommended it for use in its branches and divisions. The entire range of SIP fittings IEK® has the conclusions of the Rosseti Certification Commission, confirming the high quality of the products. The commission of the Scientific and Technical Center of FGC UES PJSC Rosseti highly appreciated the technological level, organization and culture of ASIP IEK® production, as well as the high qualifications of production workers.

According to the results of the nationwide voting of the Consumer Trust Award "Brand No. 1 in Russia" in the "Electrical Engineering" category, the products of the IEK GROUP were once again recognized. Also, the IEK® brand became the laureate of the "Brand No. 1 in Russia" rating in the "Electrical equipment" category in 2014.

A lot of work has been done to help designers: since the beginning of the year, a new stage has begun to increase the capabilities of the IEK software.

The company does not forget about sports programs. In June, IEK GROUP became a sponsor of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team, which represented Russia at the Moscow stage of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). IEK GC is proud that the drivers of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team turned out to be faster and more professional than everyone else, taking first place!

In 2017, the IEK GROUP paid special attention to the development of production and improvement of the product quality management system

In 2017, the IEK GROUP paid special attention to the development of production and improvement of the product quality management system.

The main production complex of the IEK GROUP is 15 years old; it is one of the city-forming complexes in the Tula region. In 2017, the company produced its 15 millionth metal casing, produced its 50 millionth meter of metal tray and 550 millionth meter of cable duct. And the number of plastic boxes produced over the entire 15 years can be equated to the number of residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, that is, almost 20 million!

The IEK GROUP signed an agreement to build a new production facility in the Novosibirsk region. In a tripartite document, the IEK GROUP, the Investment Development Agency of the Novosibirsk Region and the Industrial and Logistics Park (IPP) of the Novosibirsk Region confirmed their intention to implement on the territory of the logistics park a project for the construction of a large production and logistics complex (PLC) of the IEK GROUP with an area of up to 25 thousand square meters.

The IEK GROUP's own testing center has received new development. Here, a photometric testing installation, a tank for testing the tightness of products under water, a heat-cold-moisture chamber, a rain chamber, a set of measuring instruments for the study of paint coatings, as well as other test benches and machines were put into operation.

A unique test bench for metal cable support systems for safe working load came into operation at the IEK GROUP production complex in Yasnogorsk, Tula region; it was designed and created by company employees. The stand makes it possible to mount and test a multi-span layout of trays with a total length of up to 9 meters, while the load is distributed evenly along the entire length, simulating the weight of the cable laid in the tray.

In April, the IEK GROUP and the government of the Tula region signed an investment agreement aimed at expanding the production site in Yasnogorsk

In April, the IEK GROUP and the government of the Tula region signed an investment agreement aimed at expanding the production site in Yasnogorsk. For the Tula region, this is the first Special Investment Contract (SPIC), regulated by the Federal Law "On Industrial Policy in the Russian Federation" and guaranteeing investors stability of tax and regulatory conditions, as well as the provision of support measures from the state.

The investments are intended for the development of the production and warehouse complex in Yasnogorsk - the construction of a new building with a total area of 12 thousand square meters. meters, purchase of modern equipment and introduction of advanced technologies.

In July, the company was rebranded - the new corporate brand IEK GROUP became the successor to the previous IEK group of companies.

The IEK GROUP logo illustrates the organic combination of the company's portfolio brands - IEK® electrical engineering, ITK® telecommunications equipment and ONI® industrial automation equipment, emphasizing the unity of their development vectors.

A modern distribution center of IEK GROUP was opened in the Far East; it provided the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Amur Region, and Sakhalin with high-quality electrical products. The distribution center uses a WMS management system (the most popular among world-class companies), which eliminates the possibility of erroneous cargo placement or incorrect order completion and significantly reduces the time of shipment and unloading of goods.

In October, a new website iek.lighting went live, where all IEK® lighting equipment, united in the IEK Lighting direction, is presented in a convenient format.

A specialized website has been developed for a wide range of users interested in lighting products. Here you can find news about IEK® lighting technology, information about projects implemented on the basis of IEK® lighting equipment, there are equipment databases for various design programs and many other useful materials.

In 2019, IEK GROUP turns 20 years old

In 2019, IEK GROUP turned 20 years old. Over two decades, the company has grown into one of the leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment for integrated solutions in construction and housing and communal services, in the fields of transport, infrastructure, industry, energy and the IT industry.

By its 20th anniversary, IEK GROUP has accumulated vast experience, created a powerful modern research, production and logistics base and today is one of the world's leading brands. The company systematically invests in the modernization and expansion of production in Russia and strives to maximize its own production potential, contributing to the development of the electrical industry as a whole.

All these measures allow us to maintain the quality level at the stated level and constantly improve the technical and consumer characteristics of IEK® equipment. Our products meet international standards and at the same time best meet the requirements of the domestic market, which is why IEK GROUP has remained at the top for 20 years.

In 2019, IEK GROUP launched a major project to expand and modernize metalworking production at an enterprise in Yasnogorsk (Tula region).

As part of the project, it is planned to build a workshop with an area of 12 thousand square meters. meters and the introduction of new technologies for the production of competitive, export-oriented products: metal panels with a mounting panel, radius accessories for sheet metal trays and ladder trays with a patented clinching system. The total budget of the project is almost 1.3 billion rubles, 421 million rubles of this amount were provided by the Industrial Development Fund as a preferential loan.

At the end of 2019, the IEK brand was awarded the honorary sign "Brand No. 1 in Russia" for the third time. From 2014 to this day, IEK has remained an electrical brand trusted by millions of consumers.

A new IEK GROUP enterprise was put into operation in the Novosibirsk region with an area of 6,000 sq. m.

A new IEK GROUP enterprise was put into operation in the Novosibirsk region with an area of 6,000 sq. m. The entire project - construction, purchase of high-tech equipment - was implemented at the company's own expense. At the company's new plant, once it reaches full capacity, 250 jobs will be created; the area of production and warehouse premises will be about 25,000 square meters. meters.

After the commissioning of the enterprise in the Novosibirsk region, the production area of IEK GROUP reached 53 thousand square meters. meters. Construction of another industrial complex with an area of 12 thousand square meters is underway. meters in Yasnogorsk (Tula region).

In July 2020, IEK GROUP signed a license agreement with the Polish company ZPAS for a project for the production of complex electrical cabinets of the FORMAT IEK® series. One of the most advanced developments of ZPAS was adapted for the Russian market through the joint efforts of the R&D services of two partner companies. The production of electrical cabinets of the IEK FORMAT® series is localized at the IEK GROUP enterprise in Yasnogorsk, Tula region.

The IEK GROUP enterprise in Yasnogorsk began production of ladder trays of the LESTA IEK® series. When developing this line, the company's specialists developed a unique patented design, thanks to which it was possible to achieve high levels of safe working load.

The rating agency "Expert RA" assigned the IEK GROUP company a high credit rating of ruA-

The Expert RA rating agency assigned IEK GROUP a high credit rating of ruA- and assesses the rating outlook as stable.

A credit rating was assigned to IEK GROUP for the first time; the company immediately received the ruA- level in the group "moderately high level of creditworthiness/financial reliability/financial stability compared to other rating objects in the Russian Federation." The positive rating is due to its stable market position, conservative financial policy, high quality of corporate governance and strategic planning.

The LEDEL plant (Kazan) has begun production of a new generation of LED panels DVO IEK® PRO series, developed jointly by the IEK Lighting and LEDEL teams. During the modernization of DVO IEK® PRO series LED panels, their performance and reliability were increased. Thanks to the use of our own production site and optimization of the design of lamps, it was possible to reduce prices for part of the range and make new panels available to a wide range of Russian consumers.

The IEK GROUP enterprise in Yasnogorsk has mastered the production of the TITAN 5 IEK® series IP66 stainless steel enclosures with mounting panel. This product allows you to organize the assembly of industrial automation panels and ensures reliable operation of electrical equipment in aggressive conditions. It is possible to use TITAN 5 IEK® series IP66 enclosures in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and medical institutions.

Radius accessories for ESCA IEK® series metal trays are produced at the IEK GROUP plant in Yasnogorsk (Tula region). New accessories make it easy to install cable routes with turns in different directions, ensuring safe cable routing. The products are developed taking into account the requirements and standards of the electrical market, and are manufactured using high-tech equipment, which guarantees their stable quality.