Completed Projects

Wildberries distribution centers
Wildberries is an international online store of clothing, footwear, electronics, children's goods, household goods, etc. 
School for 1100 students, Penza
The opening ceremony of the new School No.74 building took place in October 2020.
McDonald's, Russia
McDonald's restaurants chain, where you can have a quick bite, is known to absolutely everyone.
Pig complex for 6000 heads in Skopino
The project has been implemented since 2017 under an investment agreement between the government of the Ryazan region and SPF Ryazan LLC. 
Construction of OZON industrial and logistics complex
The construction of the first multifunctional production and warehouse complex of the OZON company was completed in the Orientir-West industrial park near Moscow (Istra).
Ellington Mall with aquapark, Nur-Sultan (Astana)
The construction of the Ellington shopping and entertainment center with aquapark has begun in Nur-Sultan city of Kazakhstan.
Reconstruction of Perekrestok stores, Russian Federation

Perekrestok is a Russian supermarket chain operated by X5 Retail Group. For 2020, the Perekrestok retail chain consisted of 900 supermarkets, and in the same year, a program for updating the retail chain was launched.

"Leroy Merlin", Magnitogorsk

Leroy Merlin is an international retailer specializing in the sale of goods for construction, decoration and home improvement, country house and gardens.

Mosque «Hazrat Sultan»

New Mosque «Hazrat Sultan» — one of the most beautiful objects in Astana. It is considered the largest mosque in Central Asia. According to the draft of a new great hall of the mosque is designed for 5,000 seats, but if necessary at the expense of a large hall, it can accommodate up to 9,000 persons.
Administrative complex «Emerald quarter»

The architectural complex of great beauty is located in the new administrative center of Astana (Kazakhstan). 37 and 45 floors buildings of unusual shape immediately attracts attention. One of the towers at a height of 210 meters will be the tallest building in the country. The total area of the complex is 280,000 square meters. The project of power grids of the complex was developed on the basis of electrical IEK ® equipment.
Residential complex Glorinal

Kishinev, Moldova

Brand IEK: modular equipment, empty enclosures & accessories, cabling Systems, power equipment

Installation year: 2012

Supplier: IEK Moldova
Residential complex French Quarter

LCD "French Quarter" -Unique design on the left bank is rightly called the "French Riviera". Plunge into the luxury and elegance of the original architectural solutions enable and contemporary approach to construction.
Central Regional Hospital in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Construction of the new Central Regional Hospital in Agjebedi began in May 2011 and was completed in August 2013. The hospital has 205 beds. The complex covers an area of 3.9 hectares and consists of five buildings and department of infectious diseases. The new medical facility will operate all the major offices, including children’s, maternity hospital, intensive care and other demanding high-quality uninterrupted power supply. The project of of this equipment as the object is implemented on the basis of a wide range of IEK ® electrical engineering. Installation of an electric company exercised AZINGROUP Ltd.
Palace of schoolboys

This is a complex four-ansambl- architectural pride of Astana. The Palace has more than 80 clubs in areas of science, art and sports. It is visited by an average of 4 thousand people per day. Its total area is about 46,500 square meters, including an indoor ice rink, a swimming pool, gyms etc.
Residential complex "Faithful"

The residential complex "Faithful" - is a comfortable 14-storey building, built in a modern style, with private parking and built-in office and retail space. Individual projects is particularly evident in the external appearance of the house bright, unusual configuration of the building, decoration of the facade.
Green Island-2

Housing "comfort class" in the LCD "Green Island-2" combines the quality, innovation, safety and comfort of residents. The key difference, "comfort class" is the location outside the city center, so the "Green Island-2" is located next to a green zone of parks.
Metropolitan in Almaty

According to experts, the underground capital of Kazakhstan is the most advanced in the CIS. Currently, its length is 8.5 km, and includes seven stations. Almaty underground route is constantly evolving: active construction of branches of the second stage, preparing for the commissioning of new plants. In accordance with the project power supply of the new branch will be carried out using a wide range of electrical IEK®.
Hydroelectric Tahtakerpyu

Hydroelectric power plant constructed under the project of large-scale reconstruction of the Samur-Absheron irrigation system. Tahtakerpyu meets the latest standards, particularly her three hydroelectric installed total capacity of 25 megawatts.
Commercial port "Alat"

The new international sea port will be able to receive up to 11.6 million tons of cargo a year. On the territory of the port will also create a large logistics center.
Residential complex Akbulak Town
"Akbulak Town" - a modern residential complex with comfortable apartments of various quadrature and planning, as well as an excellent infrastructure.