Residential complex "Novoorlovsky"
City: Saint Petersburg
Year: 2017
TM IEK: metal trays and accessories
Residential complex "Chocolate" in Stavropol
City: Stavropol Territory
Year: 2016
TM IEK: modular equipment, cable-carrying systems, lighting engineering
Residential complex "BARIN"
City: Stavropol
Year: 2017
Residential complex "Eldorado-Terra 2"
City: Chisinau, Moldova
Year: 2018
Residential complex "Koshelev project"
City: Samara
Year: 2015-2018
Residential complex "Southern city"
City: Samara
Year: 2015-2018
Lyuberetskiy residential complex
City: Lyubertsy

Year: 2017
Green Park Residential complex
City: Moscow
Year: 2017
Residential area "Levoberezhny"
City: Khimki
Year: 2017
Residential complex "Orange Park"
City: Moscow
Year: 2017
IEK ТМ: MKNS, cable support systems
Ellington Mall with aquapark, Nur-Sultan (Astana)
The construction of the Ellington shopping and entertainment center with aquapark has begun in Nur-Sultan city of Kazakhstan.
Reconstruction of Perekrestok stores, Russian Federation

Perekrestok is a Russian supermarket chain operated by X5 Retail Group. For 2020, the Perekrestok retail chain consisted of 900 supermarkets, and in the same year, a program for updating the retail chain was launched.

"Leroy Merlin", Magnitogorsk

Leroy Merlin is an international retailer specializing in the sale of goods for construction, decoration and home improvement, country house and gardens.

Domashniy Housing Estate
The Domashniy housing estate is a nine-story cast-in-frame monolithic thirteen-section house in Olievka Neighborhood of Bogunskiy District of Zhitomir. The infrastructure of the housing estate includes a kindergarten, a gym, a supermarket, a dental clinic, a beauty parlor and a lot more. The operation of the housing estate is organized with the use of electrical equipment manufactured by ТМ IEK®.
Yaskraviy Housing Estate
The Yaskraviy housing estate is located on Degtyarenka str., 33, in Obolonskiy District of Kiev. Yaskraviy is part of a multi-functional complex that includes eight apartment buildings, a kindergarten, a Leroy Merlin hardware hypermarket with an open-air car park for 430 cars and a shopping mall. The construction of the Yaskraviy housing estate is performed in 3 stages and provides for creation of more than 200 thousand sq.m. of residential spaces. Residential spaces area is 2,540 sq.m. The operation of the housing estate is organized with the use of electrical equipment manufactured by ТМ IEK®.
Eldorado-Terra 2 Housing Estate
The Eldorado-Terra 2 housing estate consists of 12 apartment buildings and forms a whole block in the Chekany District of Kishinev. There are schools, large amount of shops, as well as a playground close to home; the project also provides for a kindergarten. The work of the housing estate is organized with the implementation of electrical equipment manufactured by ТМ IEK®.
Orkendeu Residential Complex
Orkendeu is a residential complex of comfort class apartments, located in the business central district of Almaty. The complex consists of 6 buildings of varying number of storeys. The complex also has its own two-level parking for 197 lots, playgrounds and sports grounds. The Orkendeu Residential complex is equipped with the use of a wide range of IEC TM® electrotechnical equipment.