IEK group in Dubai: long-term plans


The exhibition season for IEK Group began unusual this year — in the United Arab Emirates. In the second half of February IEK Group participated in the special exhibition of the Electricity Industry of the Middle East MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY 2013, held February 17-19 in Dubai.

MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY — the largest industry event in the region, well-known as among the eastern countries — exporters of petroleum , where implemented large-scale power generation programs are realized today, and among the countries of the third world. The UAE is the world’s largest center for transit trade, which is known for its liberality and makes it possible to cover several national markets. Therefore, the exhibition MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY has become a kind of «oriental bazaar», where sellers and buyers from the entire «neighborhood» flock to — from the Middle East and from Africa. This year, 1,100 companies have gathered here from 58 countries, our countrymen also were among them.

IEK Group presented its products at the stand. Interest in exposure was high, as the region practically has not local manufacturers of electrical engineering, and the demand for good quality products at affordable prices is growing. IEK Group’s stand clearly stood out from the rest of the participants and attracted the attention of visitors. Guests appreciate the breadth of the exposure range and high quality of the exhibits, especially noting that the products are of Russian origin.

The outcome of IEK Group participation in the exhibition was to establish promising contacts with representatives of the Middle East region. A trip to Dubai ushered in a new perspective towards the development of IEK Group — promotion in the Middle East electrical products produced in Russia, which has already started to gain the sympathy of the Arab consumers.