NEFTEGAZ - 2014: "heavy metal"


The international branch exhibition "NEFTEGAZ - 2014" completed its work. The group of companies IEK presented the whole complex of electrical equipment designed for use in heavy and extractive industries.

The products of one of the largest Russian manufacturers had enjoyed increased attention at the exhibition. Representatives of the largest design institutions and industrial enterprises, interested in steel products, metal boxes, power equipment, has expressed strong willingness to cooperate.

Increased attention from the experts used the new IEK, already successfully tested in extreme conditions of oil and gas complex. IEK’s Equipment were used for laying cable runs and systems of power supply at the Magnitogorsk metallurgical plant, Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant, the Yaroslavl refinery and other objects of the oil and gas industry.

Specialists of the Group of companies IEK took an active part not only in the exhibition itself, but also in the all-Russian energy forum "Electrical engineering: Business strategy 2014" and the seminar on the issues of search and training of qualified personnel. Practical experience and recommendations of representatives of IEK aroused interest and great feedback from the audience.