The adventures of gentlemen in Italy or return to Sorrento!


"Come back to Sorrento" is the old Neapolitan song, known all over the world. And now its may be considered anthem of  thirteenth, and very happy, of a meeting of the Club of extraordinary gentlemen IEK. Because this time the gentlemen were gathered in Sorrento - the pearl of the Italian region of Campania (Campania) and the whole of southern Italy.

Let us say at once that the Italian Campania will remember a big amicable campaign IEK!  The gentlemen  team became famous not only in the heart of Sorrento, but even in the glorious island of Capri for few days. Towards the gentlemen in noticeable hats Italians smiled and welcome waving his hands, and on Capri heard cheers "Oh! IEK!" But in order...

This summer the Group of companies IEK celebrated its fifteenth birthday. 15 years-  is a beautiful and the most suitable age to collect amicable company of friends and associates, and go to have fun. Therefore, the Club of extraordinary gentlemen IEK arranged for its participants authentic Italian vacation, which lasted for five days.

The private jet of the Club IEK with a hundred gentlemen on Board landed in Naples on the 6 of June. And from the southern capital gentlemen went to a place to spend their holidays in a hospitable Don Colombo’s castle in Sorrento. I must say that, despite the holidays, the gentlemen had an important task: to find a treasure chest, bequeathed to the Club by Don Colombo. Of course, they brilliantly coped with it.

A lush meeting  was waiting  gentlemen  In the Don Colombo’s castle, excellent Italian dinner, the star of the 80's singer Sabrina and fireworks. Throughout the whole dinner the Club celebrated his most loyal companions that are proud to wear the order "For fidelity" now, recalled the past common victory and prepared for the future.

The second day of their vacation gentlemen conducted in full water relaxation, in a wonderful place - the Poseidon Gardens on the island of Ischia. Thermal pools on Ischia is the pride of Italy and objects of protection of UNESCO. The water temperature in them varies from 28 to 40 degrees, and the stunning swimming pool, Kneipp divided into two parts - one water 40 degrees in the other 15. And it's a real surprise! Jumped several times from one temperature to another, we can assume that life is good!

Another fun surprise was waiting for gentlemen on the dinner at a local restaurant: after a rest in swimming pools and delicious food the whole Club literally shook by the Italian orchestra drums! Soon diamonds from artists came into the hands of gentlemen, and here began the real music~!

And Italian vacation was approaching to its culmination. The third day was entirely cognitive - both in theory and in practice. To begin with, all day gentlemen mastered unique Italian vintage cars. The cavalcade of the vintage convertibles - Alfa-Romeo, Morgana and Mercedes - walked along streets of Sorrento, and beautiful Neapolitan places. And everywhere drivers and passengers were meeting by smiles, cheers: pronunciation bright logo "IEK", seemed to have learned all the locals, and happily used it instead of greeting. The way of the gentlemen led to Italian farms, where they have learned in the course of this Neapolitan cuisine. They learned to make the famous cheese mozzarella and real lemonade, twisted pasta, baked pizza, and talked with the craftsmen and connoisseurs of Italian delicacies. The day ended logical dinner at the star Michelin restaurant.

It should be noted that during all the holidays, during all adventure, gentlemen did not forget their main purpose - the search bequeathed don Colombo’s  treasures. And on the last day of vacation, during a sea voyage along the Amalfi coast, entering the coastal towns of Amalfi, Positano, even arrived on the island of Capri, hard gentlemen were looking for treasures

Everyone gathered in a gated casino OpenAir in farewell, and traditional meetings of the Club BBQ facilities in the evening. Here gentlemen remembered these classes true gentlemen: smoke of a Havana cigar, play blackjack and roulette, have interesting conversations and... still find treasures. Don Colombo ‘s heirs convinced that all the gentlemen were persistent and creative in their search - and worthy of treasures. Chest which all have been looking for treasure was solemnly transferred into the hands of the Club’s chairmen. Gold coins were distributed to all "seekers". But actually true wealth is not in the box! As said by the Deputy Director General of the IEK and co-chair of the Club of extraordinary gentlemen IEK Alexey Stepashin, "Everyone knows that true wealth is all we have! The treasure is our partnership, our commitment to each other. And let this wealth will be one at all and always inexhaustible!"

And then under songs of Adriano Celentano all together tread the grapes, from which you should get a great strong wine that all will drink five years later on the next anniversary of the Club!

Always want to come back to the place where was good . And in Sorrento every gentleman will try at least to remember how delicious Italian food, as temperamental Italian wines, as a destination South of Italy, and also – how shines the  Italian sun shines and warms the old friendship!