Electrical business for fair position!


Recall that in late February 2014 largest manufacturers and distributors of electrical products came together and signed "The Charter of combating corruption", which is targeted to the honest business development. The group of companies IEK follows principles of the fair competition and the openness of the business, so its signature under the Charter is among the first.

The number of participants joining the Charter constantly grows because of the basis of a truly modern business - is the observance of all legal and ethical standards, integrity and transparency of the business relationship. This position must be delivered to all clients and partners of the Charter participants, therefore a special logo "Fair position" was invented.

Now each participant of the Charter calling for fair business relations, can be identified by this logo. The logo "Fair position" is an open palm, which is symbolized the transparency and honesty of relationship between clients and suppliers. Each participant on the electrical market will easily be able to make the right choice in favor of the organization supporting "The Charter of combating corruption"!