The IEK brand is number one in Russia. We are chosen by consumers for the fourth time!


At the end of 2021 IEK brand was awarded the honorary badge "Brand No. 1 in Russia" for the fourth time. For many years IEK® electrical equipment has been the epitome of reliability and quality for millions of consumers.

The secret of IEK GROUP's success is honest and open relations with employees, partners and customers. This is our principled position, which we have been adhering to for many years.

That is why IEK® electrical equipment meets the most stringent Russian and international requirements and standards. For the sake of the stable quality of our products, we control technological processes at every stage of production, test equipment in our own IEK GROUP laboratory and in the country's leading testing centers.

Constant development, search for new directions, growth opportunities allow us to offer innovative solutions to consumers. IEK® electrical engineering is used in almost all sectors: in large industrial and residential facilities, in hospitals and schools, in agriculture and sports facilities. And at any site, investors and builders note the practicality of IEK® equipment, the convenience of its installation and the optimal ratio of price and quality.

The basic principles of IEK GROUP work are
strict product quality control, responsibility for their work and respect for
the consumer. The mark “Brand No. 1 in Russia”, which marks the IEK brand,
confirms the great confidence of consumers in the electrical equipment of one
of the largest Russian manufacturers.