The group of companies IEK on IEAS 2014: among their


The group of companies IEK summed its participation up in one of the most representative trade shows in Europe - International Electric & Automation Show (IEAS) 2014. The exhibition is traditionally held in the Romanian capital Bucharest, and it collects all colors of  European electrical market.

This year IEAS was held for the tenth time, on this occasion, the organizers especially tried to make it as comfortable and information rich as it is possible for both participants and visitors. IEK is not a beginner among European giants, this exhibition is the third of IEK’s "coming out" in Europe. IEK’s exposure was not "stranger" for visitors: many experts came to the show especially for communicating with company’s representatives to learn about new products and get advice.

IEK represented products from the Russian manufacturer. Interest has been caused by a large amount of IEK®’s products in different areas such as the fuse-switch disconnectors, the automatic switches, the voltage regulators, the color cable channels, different types of contactors and fuses, fittings for self-supporting insulated wires. As it was figured out, the Romanian market is mostly expecting the new range of modular equipment – single-module circuit breaker 1P+N.

It was pleased to know that many visitors had heard about IEK, studied catalogues published in English or engaged in installation of IEK®’s products. Among active and interested visitors were specialists of the Romanian design and installation companies, representatives of trading companies.