IEK Group spoke at an international level


IEK Group took part in the Moscow International scientific-practical conference «Actual problems and prospects of development of radio and communication systems» («RadioInfoCom — 2013»). Conference was organized by Bauman of MIREA and the Ministry of Education.

«RadioInfoCom — 2013» brought together representatives of science and technology from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Venezuela, Egypt and Taiwan. The conference was attended by about 350 teachers, researchers, engineers and students from the Russian Academy of Sciences, MIREA, Swedish Karlstad University, Vilnius University, Kharkov University of Radio Electronics, SEC «Russian Space Systems» and other scientific and educational institutions.

The purpose of the conference — to discuss the problems and prospects of development of electronic and telecommunications industries ensuring the activities of all vital areas of civil and military purposes, as well as the education of professionals for the knowledge-based industries.

Representatives of IEK Group successfully delivered two major papers in the section «Global Information Systems and Safety of Mankind.» They presented a research paper on the «pre-fault diagnosis device of the power supply system» and the technical report «About improvement of reliability of power supply in the electricity and fire safety», where they presented a unique opportunity breakers AVDT32 and AD12M and surge suppressors IEK ®.