IEK – LADA SPORT ROSNEFT: the philosophy of sport, philosophy of victory


The Moscow stage of World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) will be the most important event in the world of motorsports, which will take place on the Moscow Raceway track on 12 June. The sponsor of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT racing team will be the Group of companies IEK.
IEK is a Russian company, so it decided to support the Russian team all the more so as the race will take place on Russia Day at the motor-racing track located near Moscow.
This is not the first experience of sport cooperation for the company. We supported the Irkutsk hockey club “Baikal-Energy” in 2012, which develops successfully national sport. IEK has its own football team, so the gusto and sport philosophy is close to the entire company.
“We are pleased to welcome the entrance of Russian companies, including IEK in world Motorsport. This is a good trend indicative of a new level of Russian business. Support namely Russian team is important from the point of view of the development and promotion of domestic technologies”, — considers the head of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team Victor Shapovalov.

ГК IEK - спонсором гоночной команды LADA SPORT ROSNEFT

For reference:
LADA SPORT ROSNEFT- team, taking on the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC ) from 2015 in specially prepared cars LADA Vesta WTCC. In 2014, the LADA Sport team has won two victories and one podium in the Championship WTCC. In 2015 with the new car, the Vesta WTCC LADA Sport ROSNEFT team won two podiums and several times finished in the top five.

WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) — world Championship of road racing in touring class cars. It is taken place since 2005. The cars of famous brands — LADA, HONDA, CITROEN, VOLVO, and CHEVROLET involves in competitions. Touring Championship, along with Formula 1 and WRC (World rally championship) is taken place under the auspices of the International Automobile Federation FIA and is considered one of the most prestigious automobile racing in the world.