The Group of companies IEK congratulates the winners of the Moscow racing WTCC: our LADA is ahead of the field!


Moscow stage of World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) ended. The team LADA SPORT ROSNEFT sponsored by the Group of companies IEK turned out to be faster and more professional of all teams.

All the archrivals of the team — Honda, Citroen and Volvo-were not able to counter something with the incredible speed of the Russian team trio when it rained. Three teammates of LADA SPORT ROSNEFT became double winners in two competitions — the Race of Open and the General race. In the Race of Open, Gabriele Tarquini was the first, running second was Nick Katsburg and in the General Race, they came first: in pole position- Nick Katsburg, second and third places — Gabriele Tarquini and Ugo Valent accordingly.

Московский этап Чемпионата мира по шоссейно-кольцевым гонкам на кузовных автомобилях класса туринг (WTCC) завершен   Быстрее и профессиональнее всех оказались участники команды LADA SPORT ROSNEFT, спонсором которой выступила Группа компаний IEK