IEK Moldova: active work, good results


Autumn is an active and productive working period for "IEK Moldova". At the end of September the 29 international energy exhibition ENERGETAB 2016 ended in Bielsko-Biala. About 750 participants from the 22 countries of Europe and Asia presented their new products. "IEK Moldova" is among them.

"IEK Moldova" is a traditional participant of this important industry event in the region. The main range of IEK® products including modular and power equipment, circuit equipment, ASIP and the new products were presented at the exhibition. “IEK Moldova” stand enjoyed the great attention of the visitors, which were interested not only in the introduction of the products, but they also need the technical and marketing advice, and some business contracts were also signed.

"IEK Moldova" technical specialists have organized several seminars on the relevant topics in October. IEK representatives were invited to three Moldavian cities - Tiraspol, Kishinev and Dondryushani to meet with designers, engineers and staff networks.

"IEK Moldova" specialists presented the IEK products and their usage in the different projects. The submission of the engineering solutions, which is based on the equipment IEK, was the most interesting for the participants. The cities Tiraspol, Kishinev and Dondryushani are the large industrial and energy centers of Moldova, so the high interest of specialists to the quality brand and its capabilities are constantly growing. This was once again confirmed by the last seminars.