IEK Group of Companies. The Nominee of the “Golden Photon”.


IEK Group of Companies is nominated for the participation in the Eurasian lighting products award “Golden Photon” in “Manufacturer of the Year” nomination.

For several years IEK Group of Companies has been actively promoting lighting business unit, developing LED lighting products and has created its own recognizable style of lighting products. Company participates actively in the project “Lighting Products Conformity” and is a part of work group of the project. All these enabled the company to become nominee of the prestigious “Golden Photon” award. According to the award organizers, being nominated is a sign of recognition of manufacturer and its achievements at the Russian lighting products market.

“Golden Photon” award is supported by the Eurasian Economy Commission, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Construction and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation, GKU “Energetica”, “Honest Attitude” Association, Energy Service Companies Association.

The main goal of the Eurasian lighting products award “Golden Photon” is to focus public attention to the best players and products of Eurasian Economy Community.

The winners in all nominations will be defined on 16 of February by secret ballot procedure during the award ceremony.

IEK Group of Companies. The Nominee of the Golden Photon