XII Meeting of IEK partners: «And if the goal is the same ...»


IEK Group again gathered all the partners in the traditional the twelfth meeting. June the 14th in Antalya, Turkey, the best representatives of Russian electrical market brought together. Three days in a luxury residence «Starlight» Club Extraordinary Gentlemen IEK held business meetings, honored the first in the history the Nobel Prize winners in electrical engineering and just perfectly rested. On Turkish shores it retained its native reach, the heartfulness and friendly atmosphere which always characterizes the meetings. A hot sun only added business meetings glow, and warmth for the whole holiday.

The most serious, meaningful and anticipation — Economic Summit Club. That summit — the place where outcomes are summarized, business achievements are shared, common problems are solved, where answers to questions are found, and new goals are set.

For IEK Group the meeting was a great holiday thanks to a long-awaited meeting with its partners and — its Birthday. Company has celebrated 14 years!

From a business standpoint this is not a very long time, but since its inception it has achieved great results. Today, the company occupies a leading position among Russian manufacturers. Moreover, it is the development of domestic production — a key objective IEK Group. It has established a successful brand IEK, releasing new products in Russia. Aspirations, major investments and projects aimed at the development of a civilized market of electrical products. It holds a guaranteed level of quality, applying for that all forces: tightening quality control, expanding research activities, creating a powerful experimental base. Confidence in their product allows IEK Group to lead and expand international business. But the important thing is that all the company’s activities rely on a stable, open and mutually beneficial partnership.

According to tradition, during the official part of the partners called the most anticipated and successful projects of IEK Group over the past year. This time they approved IEK’s access to the promising segment of the market with a completely new direction — motors. Impressive results, in their opinion, a unique service for designers «IEK +» valid about a year has made.

This year, the Club of Extraordinary IEK Gentlemen did not back down from its oldest traditions: football initially — and only then business and entertainment. In the Final of the Champions League the best team is the team «Ural». But the winner, of course, a real gentleman’s friendship!

As befits a grand business meeting at the highest level, it went a gorgeous dance-bal. The main event was the presentation of the first in the history of the Nobel Prizes in electrical engineering. IEK Gentlemen’s club chose the best, the most successful of its participants. Russian band «Band’eros» congratulated all Extraordinary Gentlemen, accompanied by night fireworks on the beach.
Gentlemen entirely devoted the final day to easy communication and recreation. And its grand finale was the song «For those who are in the sea,» which they sang together in chorus. And over the Mediterranean all the favorite words raced: «... And if the goal is the same, and in joy and in sorrow, the one who never cowards and never gives up the oars, He will find his own land ...» And these is no need to explain why the Extraordinary IEK Gentlemen Club is the team that never cowards, and which certainly will be lucky!