IEK GROUP purchased 85% shares of LLC MPS Soft, the developer of MasterSCADA software


On the 21-th of December 2020, IEK GROUP, one of the leading Russian suppliers and manufacturers of lighting and electrical equipment under the brand name IEK®, industrial automation equipment ONI® and product for IT technologies ITK®, purchased 85% shares of LLC MPS Soft, the developer of MasterSCADA software.

That is a big step for both companies that shall result into more efficient work on the field of industrial automation.

For over five years IEK GROUP has been actively developing its own industrial automation equipment under ONI® brand. While software from MasterSCADA has been actively used in various industrial fields.

IEK GROUP CEO Mr. Andrei Zabelin noted “IEK GROUP chooses the leaders of the market to provide mutual cooperation, to enrich our expertise and to get stable foundation for further growth.”

This deal will consolidate the efforts of ONI and MasterSCADA in creation of comprehensive solutions in industrial automation.