IEK Products — gold of Russian electrical engineering


As many as three new IEK ® items received the highest award of the 8th International Competition «Top Electrical — 2013» held in the 22-th international exhibition «ELEKTRO-2013» in Moscow. Gold medals were awarded IEK ® ladders and IEK ®powerful compact fluorescent lamps. IEK Group also received the award for the innovative development — MAGNUM Power connectors.

    • During the competition, experts were able to appreciate the original design of metal IEK ®ladders — the symmetry of the butt connectors, providing a quick and easy installation of cable support structures. Professionals have also considered and improved manufacturing technology products — trays made of wire, pre-zinced by immersion in hot molten metal. This method doubles the zinc layer, giving trays additional strength and resistance to corrosion. Innovations have greatly improved the performance of IEK ®trays, making products have been recognized as the best in the cable category and awarded a diploma and a gold medal for high quality.
    • High power compact fluorescent lamp IEK ® (100W) — another group that has no analogues in Russia. They are characterized by an all-time low and reactive power can significantly improve the energy efficiency of lighting. Today, this feature is one of the key for the consumers, because the IEK ® lamp received the gold in the category show on Illumination.

    • The award «Best innovative equipment» (a kind of electrical Oscar), as well as a diploma and a medal «For quality» were awarded IEK Group for MAGNUM connectors. These products are produced at its main production platform in the Tula region are different from Russian and foreign analogues by its unique design and, consequently, increased reliability, security and ease of use.

Certainly, other products IEK ®, presented at the stand, also deserve the highest ratings and special awards. Therefore, IEK exposure entered the top of the best, for which it was awarded a special prize.
But however glorious the rewards may have been, the main measure of success for IEK Group is positive feedback from customers and the continued high demand for the IEK ®products.