Wildberries distribution centers

Wildberries distribution centers

Wildberries distribution centers

Wildberries is an international online store of clothing, footwear, electronics, children's goods, household goods, etc. Wildberries distribution centers are frame buildings with reinforced concrete columns and foundations on a natural foundation, divided into fire compartments with a built-in administrative and amenity part. The territory provides for parking for cars and trucks and auxiliary buildings: a checkpoint, a pumping station, a boiler house, transformer substations, a diesel generator set (DGU) and local treatment facilities.

During the construction of Wildberries distribution centers, IEK GROUP specialists developed a non-standard solution for their lighting based on IEK Lighting products, customization of lamps for the warehouse mezzanine was carried out.

The project uses IEK® products: IEK® lighting equipment, cable support systems, ITK® SCS components.

Country: Russia

Year: 2020

IEK ТМ: IEK Lighting, metal cable trays, plastic ducts, ITK® SCS components

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